Dental Checkup Days

A Dental Checkup Day is one day when you can concentrate your efforts on oral health and ensure your patients are getting the oral care they need to stay healthy. Offering free or discounted basic oral assessments for your patients for one day could make a big difference in their lives.
Follow these simple steps to make your day a success:
  1. Order your FREE Dental Checkup Day kit
  2. Pick a date that your hospital is not expected to be busy.
  3. Use our ready-made resources to schedule and promote your event.
  4. Invite your clients for a basic oral assessment.
  5. Schedule appointments for teeth cleanings and other treatments as needed.
A Dental Checkup Day kit is full of promotional materials for your event, including: window decals, balloons, buttons, posters, stickers, brochures, assessment guides, gifts for clients and more.
Dog Dental
"Our Dental day was held on February 23rd, and due to the client participation we decided to extend it to the 24th as well. Our dental day was a complete success, we educated more than 75 clients on dental awareness."
––Dr. Nathan Moseley, DVM
Petal Animal Clinic – Petal, MS